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11th SPARK


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ELECTRIC SPARK Promo sampler CD with lots of unreleased tracks and deep cuts from our artists.

This CD comes free with every order. You don't have to place it in your basket! If you only want this sampler cd, choose the buy it now option.

  • Cardboard promo cd
  • 5 previously unreleased tracks from Temple Fang, Night Resident, Gigowatts, SNTHSTR, and Basalt Shrine
  • Free with every order placed on this website!
  • artwork, design, and layout by Ronaldo Vivo, Jr. (Basalt Shrine)


1. Temple Fang - Jerusalem Previously Unreleased

2. ENMA - Apathy Awakened From the Electric Spark album “Apathy Awakened”

3. Night Resident - We… The Shadows Previously Unreleased

4. Stonekind - Talk To Fire From the self-released digital ep “Stonekind”

5. Melua - Desert From the Electric Spark album “Illusions’

6. Midnight Smoke - Redjac From the self-released digital album “Dead City Silhouettes”

7. Gigowatts - Black Flag Previously Unreleased

8. SNTHSTR - スンナ Previously Unreleased

9. King Satan - This Is Where The Magic Happens From the Electric Spark album “Occult Spiritual Anarchy”

10. Seum - John Flag From the self-release ep “Blueberry Cash”

11. Forbode - Bane Of Hammers From the Electric Spark album “The Pit Of Suffering”

12. Basalt Shrine - The Immutable Eminence Of Despair Previously Unreleased