About Electric Spark

Electricity is in the air....goosebumps all over your body from the emotional charge as the music enters your ears and travels through your entire body. That's the creative Spark we are aiming for at Electric Spark. Music is not just a bizz... it's a passionate breath of air, starting out as a tiny electric sparkle that climaxes into a raging storm.

Electric Spark is a record label focusing mainly on high-quality vinyl releases. Just don't be surprised if we occasionally release something on other formats too.
While we don’t want to be pigeonholed into one musical direction, we do find it very important to have a clear identity as a label. We get electrified by stuff like post-rock/metal, sludge, stoner, psychedelic rock, doom, synthwave, dark country/folk, and lots of other stuff that gives us goosebumps.
If you are a band/artist that wants their music released through Electric Spark, just send us an e-mail with a short description of your band and a link to your music online. Please don't send us attachments. Links to your Bandcamp/YouTube/Spotify or other online channels that feature your songs will do.
Besides doing our releases, we want to distribute and sell carefully selected gems from other artists and labels. So if you are an artist/label that wants to collaborate/trade with us, just send us an e-mail. 
If you own a recordstore or mailorder, and want to buy our records, you can either contact us directly or order oir records from our distributor Sonic Rendezvous.
E-mail: electricsparkrecords {at} gmail {dot} com