Seum Winterized Vinyl

⚡Seum - Winterized Vinyl Out Now!⚡

Ultra heavy Sludgy Doom from Montreal, Canada. Available on High-quality 180 grams Black vinyl or limited Asphalt Grey Marbled with Coffee Cup Red Vinyl. Buy.
Named after a chemical process used in the cannabis industry, "Winterized" is a step forward for  Seum in terms of musical aggression and sound production!
Written and recorded during a cold Canadian winter while in lock-down. This sludgy Doom N' Bass trio captures the perfect soundtrack to these angst-ridden times.
The tracks have been remastered  for vinyl by Erwin Hermsen (Trouble, Pestilence, Dead Head) at Toneshed: they never sounded so good.
For fans of Bongzilla, Bongripper, Buzzov*en, and Acid Bath!
Ranked #18 in the Doom-Charts for June 2021!

- Grizzly Butts:
"One of few sludge records to hit the spot so far this year"

- Outlaws of The Sun:
"A fantastic and superbly entertaining album"

- Fuzzy Cracklins:
"SEUM has brought their music up to a new level"

- Stoner Hive
"Seum masterfully deliver the uncompromisingly heavy experience that is Winterized."

- The Obelisk
"Fucking mean."

- Cave Dweller Music:
"One hell of a release from a band that consistently impresses"

- Devil's Horns Zine:
"A fuzzy masterpiece"

- The Highly Creative blog:
"So freakin’ dirty it makes me happy"